The creative Elastico wall shelf

Storage has stopped being a problem once we realized we have to be creative and to think out of the box. Instead of wasting space with heavy and large cabinets we now opt for shelving or adaptable furniture. Elastico is another type of shelf. As opposed to the traditional shelves, this one doesn’t feature a traditional design. It’s not made of stable wood or metal. Elastico, as the name suggests, is a very flexible piece of furniture.

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Elastico was designed by Arianna Vivenzio in 2011. It was designed for Karl Andersson & Söner and it sheds a new light on the whole concept of shelving. Elastico is a very flexible shelf, perhaps the most flexible of all. This is because it actually has elastic in its composition. The shelf is composed of two wooden pegs with a ring of elastic wrapped around them. Inside this ring you can store just about anything. It’s great for storing books and it’s particularly practical because it changes shape and adapts to your needs.

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Elastico offers you freedom and it encourages you to personalize your space. It’s a clever and original design. You can use this flexible shelf to store books or boxes or to display all sorts of things. Even though it might not seem very strong, the shelf is able to hold up everything a normal shelf does. Elastico is made of oak and it’s available in two models: with natural finish and with black stain. It always comes with black elastic.