The creative apartment of Jenna and Vince

Jenna and Vince are a happy couple formed of the director for the J. Crew clothing brand and a sculptor. It seems like talent and creativity are not a problem in this case. The couple used to live in a spacious loft in a bohemian urban area. It seemed like a standard choice for artistic couples. However, they didn’t think that kind of apartment would be a nice home to raise a child. As a result, they decided to move.The couple opted for a three-storey townhouse located in Brooklyn. It seemed like the right decision.

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Their new home as beautiful, very stylish and it was also a great place to raise their child. The couple’s new home is definitely more cozy than the old one. It’s also a lot more spacious. Each room has a different look and a different atmosphere. However, the couple also brought with then a certain loft-like feel.

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After living for so long in that apartment, the couple wanted to make some major changes. They didn’t want to have the same huge open space as it in the apartment. That’s why they created a different look for each room. This way the transition is very clear. As for the interior design of this new home, the couple made some very creative and unusual choices.

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Almost none of the furniture pieces were bought from traditional stores. The couple, particularly Jenna, enjoys mixing styles. She loves the way the antique mixes with the modern. Even though there are so many styles in there, the apartment has an overall simple and very clean look.{pics by Matthew Williams and found on at casa }.