The Cozy Ryder rocking chair

Rocking chairs are great. They’re one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture. Rocking chairs have become a symbol of the old times and for many of us they’re a reminder of our grandmas. Nevertheless, rocking chairs have evolved since then and now they’re modern pieces of furniture ready to be part of our lives one more time.

Ryder Rocking Chair

The Ryder rocking chair is an especially attractive piece of furniture featuring a simple and elegant design. It has a solid ash wood frame and soft upholstery for extra comfort. It has a Scandinavian-inspired design and a very relaxing and soothing look. It’s hard to look at it without wanting to sit down.

The chair’s solid ash wood frame and the barley-stained finish look very beautiful when combined with the gray microfiber upholstery. The dimensions of the Ryder rocking chair are 31″w x 38″d x 32.5″h and the seat height is 13’’. This cozy chair will turn any corner of the living room, bedroom, deck or any other place into a relaxing area. However, the chair was designed for indoor use. In order to prevent fading you should keep the chair out of direct sunlight. Also, use a damp cloth or a sponge to clean it and use the vacuum cleaner for the crevices. You can buy the Ryder rocking chair for EUR469.94.