The cozy E 10 rattan chair

In 1949, Egon Eiermann came up with a simple but very beautiful armchair design. It was a big step in the history of modern furniture and it later became a sort of classic in the domain. This is the chair that he actually designed. As you can see, the design is rather simple and there are so specific details. That’s exactly why this particular armchair managed to resist so long and to still be a common choice in our homes.

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E 10 is a rattan armchair and it’s not how this type of chairs sued to look in that period. In fact, Eiermann introduced a new typography for rattan furniture. It’s obvious that E 10 wasn’t inspired by old designs but by modern thinking. It’s a design that observes the qualities of the material and uses them in the best possible way.

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This beautiful armchair was presented at the EXPO 1956 where dozens of E 10 chairs were palced for everybody’s use. This way people came in touch with this design, say how beautiful and comfortable it was and thus made it popular. E 10 can now be seen in homes all over the world. It looks best with a soft cushion. This also increases the comfort level. Such a simple and cozy piece of furniture would look great in any room of the house with no exceptions.