The Coussin Sofa by Inga Sempé

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Sofa pillows are mainly used as accessories for decorative purposes. Beautiful pillows that are arranged on sofas give them an elegant look. Sofa pillows can be made out of a variety of material. The taste and personality of the buyer could be reflected in the pillows purchased or custom made.Sofa pillows can enhance the look of a room and make it look stylish. They can change the mood of the environment to match seasonal changes like Christmas, summer, and Easter. Sofa pillows may be placed strategically at different locations to change the look of the room.

Coussin 160209 03

Coussin is a sofa which looks simpathetic and soft and in which one feels good. It was conceived for adults and children. It is simply made of a base bed with a mattress on which is fixed a long cushion, with loose ends which can be put where you desire. It is like being on a bed using pillows under your head, under your feet, wraping yourself into them, or just sitting comfortably.