The Cornerstone Restaurant Interior Design in Beijing

This is the Cornerstone Restaurant. It’s a lovely and very inviting place with a stylish and cozy interior design. The restaurant is located in Beijing, China, on the south-west corner of an office tower. It was designed by Studio Ramoprimo and it was just completed in 2011. The restaurant covers an area of 360 square meters and it includes strong walls and a simple but durable construction.

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The architects designed this restaurant as a well organized space with a functional internal structure. It includes a large kitchen, a bar counter, a dining area, a pizza area, a lounge corner and a wine cellar. The team that designed the restaurant decided to use a mix of both natural and artificial materials. They used brushed steel plates, wood, bricks, reflecting glass, black iron profiles and mirrors. The result was a modern and chic restaurant with an organic touch.

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The contrasting design features a combination of rough and smooth surfaces. The atmosphere inside is warm, comfortable and inviting. It offers the perfect environment for dining. The lounge and the bar areas have natural wood floors. There are two main dining areas and they are both placed on elevated platforms. They have large dark wooden boards and pillar cladding. Two central walls also serve as colorful decorations. They are covered with a collage of different patterns of bricks colored in yellow, red and grey. Overall, this is a very inviting restaurant both stylish and warm.