The Cord Chair By Jacques Guillon

A unique design makes the difference every time – this is proven by the Cord Chair which is designed by Jacques Guillon. Originally designed in 1953 by the Canadian designer Jacques Guillon, the Cord Chair has been out of production for more than 40 years. Avenue Road, a Toronto based manufacturer, has announced they will be re-issuing the chair, beginning in August of 2009. Probably they have found the right customers who are willing to buy this unusual chair that can be both functional, but also used as a decorative object in your house.

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The framework is made of wood and looks just like any other normal chair you know. But the unusual feature comes when you look at what is inside that framework: instead of tapestry or even another piece of wood, you can only find … cords. As the name suggests it, this chair is made of “cords”, very resistant threads that are “sewed” into the margins of wood, looking like a cord instrument – something like a harp within the frame of a chair. But this chair is not used for playing music, but you can sit on it. It is designed to support your weight without a problem.