The Contemporary Sunset Vale House by WOW Architects

Most of the times, we try to bring a little piece of nature inside our home so that we can feel closer to the outdoor environment. But some people decide to take this concept even further. Some houses have designs that have been influences by the landscape and that try to take advantage of it as much as possible. This house, for example, is a residence that was built around the landscape and that focuses on integrating the garden into the house itself.

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This is the Sunset Vale house. It’s located in Singapore and it was a project by WOW Architects. The clients requested a contemporary residence that would embrace the landscape and would integrate it into its design. The residence was completed in 2008 and the results were more than beautiful. The clients had a very interesting vision. They basically wanted to invert the typical “house in garden” design and to create a house that incorporates the garden, a sort of “garden in house”

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The residence features three levels, all based on the same principle. The distinction between interior and exterior is difficult to distinguish and the transition is smooth and seamless. Each kevel and even each room has a small portion dominated by natural elements. For example, the living room is separated from the covered lounge area by a small portion filled with clear water with pebbles on the bottom and a small island with a tree. The roof is designed similarly to this area but on a larger scale.