The Contemporary Skyline Residence by Belzberg Architects

This large residence is impressive both from the exterior and from the interior. It’s a contemporary residence and it was designed by Santa Monica-based studio Belzberg Architects. It’s called the Skyline Residence and it’s located in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, Calfornia. The construction was completed in 2007.

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The residence was designed for principal Hagy Belberg and his family and it sits on a 5,800 square foot site. It consists of the actual home and a guest house. The Skyline Residence is an environmentally sensitive building and it was built within a limited budget, even though it doesn’t seem to. During the construction, the architects incorporated sustainable building product systems. Also, the budgetary restraints dictated the material choice and forced the architects to use resources located in the close proximity of the site.

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Most of the materials are locally manufactured. Even though the low budget didn’t allow the use of high-tech systems such as photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and recycled products, the residence manages to impress nevertheless.

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It’s a very beautiful contemporary residence, with lots of glass walls that allow panoramic views and a beautiful minimalist interior. The outdoor movie seating is probably the most impressive addition to this project. It’s something unique that didn’t need a lot of resources to be created and still manages to impress everyone who passes by.{found on homedsgn}