The contemporary Marocco fabric sofa by Paola Navone

This beautiful sofa was designed by Paola Navone, a visionary artist with an eclectic philosophy. She mainly uses as inspiration sources flavors and colors from the Orient and this would be easy to guess in this case by the name of the sofa: Marocco.

Upholstered Removable Cover Fabric Sofa2View in gallery

This particular sofa has a minimalist design. Nevertheless, there’s something about it that has a different flavor than the typical contemporary designs. It’s probably because of the colors she used for this sofa. The Marocco sofa has removable fabric covers and this makes it versatile and easy to maintain.

Upholstered Removable Cover Fabric Sofa2View in gallery

Also, because of the sofa’s simple design, this particular model can be matched and complemented by a large variety of colors and decorations, such as feather cushions of different dimensions and shapes. The sofa has a solid wood frame and feet and the structure has been painted with a moka finish, also a reminder of the Orient that the designer loves so much.

As for the dimensions, they vary since the sofa is actually composed of several units. They dimensions are 79″ x D.44″1/2 x H.16″ / 28″W. 240 D. 112 H. 40 / 70; W.94″1/2 x D.44″1/2 x H.16″ / 28″. The sofa is easy to match with a modern or contemporary décor and it would look lovely in a spacious living room. Also, additional pillows would look beautiful and would also increase the comfort level.