The contemporary Madame Lamps by Oriol Llahon

It’s always interesting to see what new designs have been created lately. Contemporary creations are the most fun and interesting. They usually have clever and intriguing designs. Today we’re going to take a look at a collection called “Madame Lamps”.It’s a collection of three different lamp models. It has been created by Barcelona-based industrial designer Oriol Llahon who worked in collaboration with Spanish lighting manufacturer Alma Light. They created an interesting collection of contemporary lamps. Madame Lamps includes three different models: pendant, floor lamp and table lamp. They all share similar designs with slight variations.

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The lamps are made of epoxy painted metal. They are available in combinations of black with gold and white with silver. They also come in two variants: full or half. All models feature minimalist designs with clean and simple lines and basically no details or decorations other than the shape of the lamp itself. They have a very neat and futuristic look and they are also very versatile.

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They can be used in a variety of decors and for a variety of purposes. You can include them in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, etc. Regardless of the color, shape or model you choose, you will get an equally stylish and chic lamp. All the models offer diffuse light, pleasant for the eyes and bright enough for reading.