The contemporary Loft 02 in Bruxelles, Belgium

This beautiful loft was created at the desire of the client by Ehtv. The request was for a contemporary loft with a timeless décor. It needed to have large living areas, two bedrooms and a separate bathroom. The architectural concept is based on the desire of reorganizing the space and the liberty of organizing the interior in any way the client wanted.

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From a graphical point of view, the architects decided to use a band of bamboo that stretches along the loft. It delimitates the areas both on the floor and on the ceiling. Everything is geometrical and very well defined. The bamboo also created a soothing atmosphere and it makes the rooms cozier and more inviting. This increases the comfort and it also helps with the décor.

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In terms of colors and materials, the architects opted for sober elements in order to create a minimalist interior design. The loft has gray floors throughout. The walls are also neutral and so are the ceilings. The furniture is minimalist and modern. It’s mostly made of wood and it features natural finishes and colors. Some orange touches here and there add warmth and also create a beautiful color contrast.