The contemporary Edgeland Residence that disappears into the ground

Sometimes in order to be innovative and to create something unique you don’t have to go too far from the present or the past. You can come up with spectacular ideas by going back to the origins and by simply reinterpreting what was already invented. For example, this striking residence has a very unusual design. But, even though it looks like a modern creation, it’s actually a reinterpretation of one of the oldest housing typologies from that area.

Green roof residence bercy

The Edgeland Residence is located on the shores of Colorafo River and has designed and built by Bercy Chen Studio. It’s situated on a rehabilitated brownfield site and it’s a contemporary reinterpretation of the Native American pit house. Originally, a pit house was sunken and was using the earth’s natural qualities in its favor. The earth was acting like a shield and offered thermal protection and comfort throughout the year.

Green roof residence bercy1

Green roof residence bercy2

Green roof residence bercy3

This residence has borrowed the sunken feature from the original design and has transformed the rest into an example of modern architecture. Just like the pit houses, the Edgeland Residence uses the landscape like a shield. It has a green roof that offers it insulation and protection from the elements. It also allows the house to seamlessly integrate into the landscape and to almost disappear.

Green roof residence bercy4

Green roof residence bercy4

Green roof residence bercy5

Green roof residence bercy6

Since the residence is sunk into the ground, the earth also serves as insulation. It allows it to stay cool during summer and warm in the winter. These elements are a great opportunity for maximum energy efficiency, especially when combined with high performance systems.
As for the actual structure of the house, the Edgeland Residence is composed of two pavilions. One is the living quarter and the other one is the sleeping volume. To pass from one to the other you have to interact with the exterior.