The contemporary apartment of Paula Martins

This apartment is located in Sao Paulo and it belongs to designer Paula Martins. It’s a very beautiful and stylish apartment with lots of interesting details. It’s an apartment that reflects very well the personality and character of its owner. In fact, the owner actively participated to the decoration process from beginning to the end.

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The apartment was designed by the office of architect Fernando Luiz Rocco and the owner also participated every step of the way. It took the architects seven months to complete the project and at the end, this 325 square meter apartment, was unrecognizable. It was like a reflection of tis owner personality. It’s best to actively participate to such a project that will affect your home and life in the future, in order to make sure that everything goes according to plan and to also be able to make small modifications and changes so that the apartment will come out just the way you like it.

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Since the designer’s husband is an intellectual, it was critical for the apartment to have a nice library. This was a prioritized space and the results were exceptional. The library features a very beautiful chandelier, a stylish wall unit with lots of compartments and a cozy reading area. The rest of the rooms are decorated in the same tone. The walls are white throughout the apartment and the furniture created a beautiful contrast with its dark finishes. It’s a timeless combination and it’s always elegant.{found on casavogue}.