The Compartment Department play table, for your kid and all his supplies

As soon as kids discover writing, painting and decoupage they can’t get enough of them. It’s a period when they develop their skills and creativity. Usually, during this period, the whole house gets messy. But there’s a very simple way of avoiding that. You can buy a play table for your kid and this way provide him/her with a space of his own where there’s plenty of room for getting creative.

Kids play table

The Compartment Department play table is a sturdy and very functional piece of furniture. It has a simple design and doesn’t impress with wacky colors or bold patterns and prints. Instead, it offers something better, for both kids and parents. It includes lots and lots of storage compartments and shelves where your kid can store all the books, coloring books, paper, pencils and other arts and crafts supplies. It’s also an opportunity for the kids to learn how to be organized and how to put everything neatly back where it belongs when a project is finished.The play table offers plenty of storage space under the tabletop and also has built-in shelving on one end of the table, perfect for storing books. Then there are also plenty of multi-shaped compartments on the other side of the table, great for art supplies. The extra-long tabletop can accommodate three chairs on each side so there’s plenty of room for friends too. Available for 449$.