The Comfortable Herman Miller Aeron Chair

It’s important to feel comfortable at your work place. Whether you’re working from home or in an office, you need to have a comfortable chair. It’s nothing worst than having a back ache while working and not being able to do anything about it. To avoid that, choose the Aeron chair.

Office chair

It’s a very comfortable office chair plus it has a very beautiful and elegant design. And the best part is that it’s a customizable piece of furniture. You can choose the color for the frame finish which can be either graphite, titanium or polished aluminum. You can also choose the color and texture for the upholstery. Here you can several more options. You can choose between dark tones of gray and black or brighter colors such as white. Also, there are striped or simple fabrics to choose from.

And the rest of the chair is also customizable. You can opt for no arms, fixed arms or fully adjustable arms. Also you can choose the armpad finish which can either be vinyl or leather. Of course, you can choose the size. There’s the A which is small, the B which is medium and the C which is large. The tilt adjustment can also be customized by opting for the standard tilt or for the tilt limiter. The lumber support can be adjusted. Here the options are: none, adjustable lumbar support and posture fit lumbar support. You can also opt for the caster type that you want by choosing between carpet casters, carpet or hard floor casters or braking casters. And finally you can also choose between the fully assembled version of the one that you’ll have to assemble yourself.Available forr $534.