The colorful Wax Revolution salon in Mexico

Located in the Polanco neighborhood, in Mexico City, the Wax Revolution salon is actually the company’s second location. It was a project by ROW Studio and the main idea behind it was to create a new standard regarding what they call “the artistry in hair removal”. The service they offer is regarded as revolutionary and unique at this point and they wanted this space to have a design that would express that.

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The salon is situated in the semi-basement of a building that dates back to the 50s. The location was rather hard to spot so the architects were given the challenge to make this space stand out. The team managed to solve that problem with the help of a structure made of black steel frames that descends from the street level to the salon. This makes the salon evident to those passing by and allures their curious minds inside.

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The interior of the salon is very brightly colored. The lobby features a bright blue wall and a multifaceted black desk with a high gloss finish. A chalkboard wall then presents the salon’s latest specials. As you pass by you reach the main area. Here a multitude of colors strikes the eye. Even though it might seem like an illogical use of color at first, the design is actually very simple and well thought. Each color identifies a cabin and you reach that particular area by following the line on the floor with the corresponding color. The salon is a very colorful and vibrant space and it’s indeed revolutionary on multiple levels.