The Colorful PEEP office storage units

Storage is very important in any space, not only at home. It’s something to take into consideration when designing a home, an office, a public space and basically anything else. The offices tend to be the most difficult. Everything in there has to be functionally designed and adapted and the space needs to be airy and uncluttered. The PEEP storage units are perfect for that.The PEEP storage units were designed by Stockholm-based Note Design Studio.

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This office collection features colorful and practical storage units specifically designed for both home office and other types of work areas. The main idea behind this collection was to create office products that allow light to pass through. Usually in the office there’s not a lot of light. They usually have a window that basically needs to light up the whole area. Most offices don’t even have that.The solution for that problem was PEEP. The design is based on a sort of transparent “collar” made of perforated metal that would then be fixated with boxes or shelves. The boxes would have different shapes and sizes and the whole thing would resemble a Tetris game.

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The storage units also have colorful designs in order to make the offices a more friendly environment. It took the designers quite some time to decide on a final look.The aluminum collars they were planning to use were very light but also very wobbly. They had to find a way to make the cabinets sturdy. Several different leg positions were tried until the final design was created. It wasn’t easy but the team managed to find the perfect solution.