The colorful house of fashion designer Minnie Mortimers

When analyzing the home of a public person you expect to see impressing features and items that normal people couldn’t dream to have in their homes. However, this is not the case of fashion designer Minnie Mortimers. Her house is surprisingly cozy and inviting.

Designer Minnie Mortimer%C2%B4s House 2

Of course, since we’re talking about a fashion designer, elegance and style come as natural. This aspect is also visible in the way that the home is decorated. There are a lot of art pieces that can be admired all over the house. Another interesting detail is the large number of books. They are all carefully arranged on shelves and the color contrast creates a dynamic image. The furniture pieces are also elegant and stylish. There’s not a well defined style but rather a combination of classical and modern elements that work together beautifully, creating a pleasant and well- equilibrated look.

Designer Minnie Mortimer%C2%B4s House 2View in gallery

Designer Minnie Mortimer%C2%B4s House 2View in gallery

Overall, the house is dynamic and colorful and manages to successfully combine different styles and elements. The decorations are very beautiful and well chosen. They look that they really belong in their places. That means that the arrangement looks natural and this is not easy to obtain. So, as you can see, fashions designers are people just like us, who like comfort and like to have cozy homes. For them designing the house and choosing the right combinations of color, texture etc comes naturally but, other than that, everything is normal.{found on vogue}