The Coliseum dining table by Samuele Mazza

Round dining tables can be a little more difficult to integrate into the house and they also tend to require more spaces than regular tables. However, they also present some advantages that can’t be ignored. They are more interactive and more likely to allow conversation and communication between the users. Some designs manage to offer these advantages while also decreasing the disadvantages.

Dining table chairs

This is the Coliseum dining table. It was designed by Samuele Mazza for Visionnaire. Coliseum is actually more than just a dining table. It’s a set that also includes MDF chairs. This way the problem of space is partially solved. The chairs can simply slide underneath the table and also form a sort of exterior shell. This way only the table takes space and the chairs are just a bonus.

The central part of the top is a single piece measuring 160 cm in width. It features inlayed zodiac signs. The table also has a central column that forms the base. It has multiple curves so that all the chairs can fit inside. The base is made of shiny stainless steel. The set also includes matching upholstered chairs and arched trapezoidal bases and MDF panels. The seat an the back padding is polyurethane foam and the cover is not removable. The Coliseum dining table and chairs are very chic and beautiful and they would look lovely in a large dining room or a shared dining/living area.