The Coffee Fellow Bean Bag by Johanna Hansson

Bean bags are exceptionally cozy and comfortable and they are wonderful pieces to be sued in homes with a casual interior design. They have the ability to adapt to the shape and conformation of the suer’s body and to provide a perfect position for him. Bean bags also tend to have a vintage look, even if their design is actually modern or contemporary.

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We have also seen coffee bean sacks to be reused with several occasions. They also have a unique vintage charm. So when you combine coffee bean sacks with the design of a bean bag you get a one-of-a-kind, extremely comfortable piece of furniture for your home. In other words, you get the Coffee Fellow. Designed by Johanna Hansson, the Coffee Fellow is part of the Fellow Collection. It’s a jute bean bag that has a very interesting story behind it.

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The Coffee Fellow was made from eight recycled coffee bean sacks. Their original prints and unique texture made them perfect for the look the designer wanted to achieve. The sacks were originally used on coffee plantations around the world and they all have individual looks. Their actual design depends on which coffee beans are most popular in Stockholm at the moment that they are produced. Extremely comfortable and with a unique look and a retro-chic charm, the Coffee Fellow is perfect for almost any type of interior décor.