The Classified Moto Furniture Collection for motorcycle lovers

It often happens to let out passions and affinities influence our everyday life. Animal lovers have their home filled with animal toys and decorations on the same theme. This happens with any other passion or hobby. However, for some of us it’s more difficult to find items that reflect our personality and character when it comes to home furniture and accessories. Motorcycle lovers are particularly having a hard time finding a way to bring their bike inside the house. The Classified Moto furniture collection is here to solve that problem.

Classified moto

The collection includes a selection of lamps and lighting fixtures along with a series of tables. All the items from this collection have been built using recycled parts and materials taken from Japanese motorcycles from the 70s and 80s. I find this a very good and ingenious idea. It would be a shame to just throw away such treasures. The pieces from the collection subtly incorporate these elements into their design. The prices vary from $200 to $1,500. The designs, shapes, sizes and details vary as well with each piece.

These creative items allow you to bring a piece of your passion for motorcycling inside your home. It’s not the same as having your favorite motorcycle in the house but it’s something symbolic that shows your love for this domain. The pieces from the collection are simple and beautiful, not to mention original.