The Classic Venice Paisley Erin Chair

The Venice Paisley Erin Chair is a very charming and distinguished piece of furniture, a World Market exclusive. It has a design defined by mixed features. The chair is a classic and it has details that also integrate it in the mid-century style as well as elements that make it a beautiful antique. It has a vintage charm that allows it to stand out.The chair features a tufted back and a cushy seat.

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The front portion is rounded and this is a detail that allows the chair to distinguish itself from other similar pieces. The frame for the chair is crafted from mixed hardwoods. The frame is entirely hidden underneath the seat and back upholstery. The only visible wooden parts are the legs. The legs are very interesting because they have two different designs. The front legs are very different from the ones in the back.

Venice style chairView in gallery

The front legs are made of solid wood and have brass casters. Also, their shape is more intricate than that of the back legs. Both the front and back legs are made from the same material but only to have casters. The other two have a simple design. The rest of the chair is upholstered in microfiber printed velvet. The color palette includes earthy tones and the pattern is visually dynamic. The overall dimensions of the Venice Paisley Erin Chair are 27″W x 31″D x 36″H.Available for 239$.