The citycamp swing by Annette Hinterwirth

Everybody loves swings. It’s practically impossible to hate them. Of course, some of us enjoy relaxing in them while others like to test its resistance. For those in the first category, we have a special item we would like to share with you. It’s called Citycamp and it’s a very inspiring creation designed by Annette Hinterwirth.

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The Citycamp swing is ideal for outdoor living areas. Imagine how nice it would be to just sit down, relax and enjoy the repetitive movement of the swing while the frame and the drapes provide shade and protection from the sun. The swing is part of the CITYCAMP collection created by Annette Hinterwirth. This product has been designed as a all-in-one outdoor living unit for modern spaces where people can relax and enjoy the comfort and beauty of the nature.

City camp outdoor benchView in gallery

City camp outdoor bench1View in gallery

This is like a small retreat where you can relax, sleep or simply spend time with friends. If you add a small coffee table nearby it will become everyone’s perfect spot. The Citycamp swing comes in two colors, Taupe and Chalk that can be combined in various ways. The swing also features a leather-wrapped cargo belt suspension system while the daybed features a table and comes with a mattress or a plush foldable mattress. It’s perfect for outdoor areas and it’s both beautiful and comfortable.