The chic Vapor barstools

Simple and practical, these stools are perfect for both public and private spaces. They would be a beautiful addition to the kitchen for example but they would also look nice in bars, terraces and other similar places. The Vapor barstools have a very simple, minimalist design and this makes them very versatile as well.The Vapor barstools would look beautiful in any room. Their almost transparent look makes them easy to integrate in any décor or room. They match with anything and everything and their minimalist designs makes them perfect for any type of décor. The Vapor barstools have a design that doesn’t include any fabric or leather. They feature a very simple and clean design.

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The Vapor barstools are crafted with a chrome plated steel frame. It’s thin and sleek and it’s also strong and durable. The frame features smooth curves in key areas and this makes it even more stylish and elegant. The barstools have a very delicate look. They have a thick molded acrylic seat and back placed on a chrome-plated steel frame.

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There are two versions, one for counters and one for bars. The first type has a height of 24’’ while the other measures 30’’ and it’s perfect for bars. There are three types of barstools and they are very similar. There are small variations of shape and the dimensions also differ. The prices vary between 149.42 and 157.32 euros.