The chic San Giorgio Mykonos retreat

San Giorgio Mykonos is a wonderful Greek retreat with a very casual and relaxed atmosphere. It’s the second temporary project of Design Hotels and features a very beautiful combination of traditional and modern elements that result in a highly artistic and stylish composition.The resort was originally built in the 1990s when it served as a hotel. It was built by a local fisherman and was then bought by the Paradise Club. It used to be visited by famous DJs such as Moby, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren and Bob Sinclar.

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Recently the resort got a major makeover. It was a project by Design Hotels and, at the end, San Giorgio Mykonos was ready to receive guests again. The retreat now features a very chic style. It has been decorated with neutral colors and it has a very relaxed and calm atmosphere.

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Both the interior and exterior areas are decorated in shades of white and grey. The rooms are very stylish but in a pretentious way. They also offer views of the Aegean Sea and they have private balconies. The resort also offers a special suite, the Famosa. It’s a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces. Half of it is a terrace and the suite covers an area of 130 square meters. The resort also includes a pool and a beautiful terrace with views of the sea, a Mediterranean restaurant and a bar with casual wooden tables. Even though it’s a large resort, the atmosphere there is intimate, like in a private villa.{found on cntraveller}.