The Chic Amélie Armchair by Sergio Bicego

The Amélie armchair is a very chic piece of furniture but it’s also more than just another pretty seat. It’s an expression of French haute couture and it’s a very stylish accent piece that would easily stand out in any décor. It impresses with its elegant beauty and chic and subtle details.

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The armchair was designed by Sergio Bicego for Saba Italia in 2012. However, it distinguishes itself from all the other contemporary creations with its unique charm and graceful lines. Amélie is an upholstered polyurethane armchair, an example of French haute couture and a beautiful highlight for any interior. It features clean, curvilinear lines and it’s crafted using special quilting that emphasizes the beauty of the inner curves. This technique is done by hand and follows a non-random pattern.

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The Amélie armchair has a simple design and a compact shape and has a strong visual impact on anyone who sees it. The quilted stitching can either match the color of the upholstery or come in a different color for subtle contrast. The chair is thus customizable with your choice of colors. All models feature the same graceful lines and comfortable structure. They have a frame made of wood and polystyrene and polyurethane foam padding covered with quilted fabric. It’s a very attractive piece of furniture, something that any stylish and elegant interior could benefit from.