The charming Beresford Terrace 2 in London

Located in a small region of London, Beresford Terrace 2 is a charming alternative to a hotel. If you ever need a place to stay for a few days, this should be it. It’s a very lovely home with a design reminiscent of a country cottage. It still has many of the original details and it has been beautifully and faithfully renovated.

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Inside, this bright home features high ceilings, duck egg blue walls, a combination of modern and vintage furniture as well as the original fireplace that has been preserved and restored. What’s immediately impressive about this house is that, despite its country-style charm, it’s actually located very close to the center of the city. It’s like a refreshing oasis, a cozy getaway. The house is very inviting and it offers a high level of comfort. It would be like staying in a hotel but without the cold atmosphere and detached services. This lovely house offers you the possibility to feel like a local for a few days and to really integrate into the surroundings.

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The host here is a documentary maker. She decorated this home with all sorts of treasures and she managed to create a diversity of styles that are beautifully balanced. The furniture features antique, vintage and modern details and it’s complemented by personalized decorations. The master bedroom is situated downstairs and it has access to a beautiful garden. On the same level you can find another double bedroom and a smaller one. Upstairs are the living area and the kitchen.