The Caresse Fly Sectional Cofa by ADP Design

This version of the sectional sofa is an adaptation of the original design. The difference between them is the fact this one has a wooden base. Because of this detail the sofa becomes more lightweight and it also seems more cozy and inviting than its previous version.The Caresse Fly sectional sofa is a creation of ADP Design. It was designed for Estel and it’s a part of the Home Collection. It was designed in 2012. The internal structure of the sofa is crafted from solid pine and poplar plywood. The frame that rests on this structure is made of metal for durability and support. It features elastic spring bands.

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The sofa features soft back and seat cushions with padding in polyurethane foam of different densities. The padding is also covered with sterilized, sanitized and disinfected hypoallergenic goose down for an increased level of comfort.

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The base of the sofa, the one that makes this design stand out, is made of solid wood painted in a night grey shade. The upholstery for the sectional features removable covers that are available in both fabric and leather and that feature raw inked-edge border seams. It’s a simple and elegant piece of furniture with a stylish and sleek design and beautiful details. It’s something that would fit in most modern and contemporary interiors and that would match with a variety of living room décors.