The Capanna Pizzeria Interior Design by K-studio

This is Capanna, an all day Pizzeria/Trattoria that’s located in the heart of Athens, in Kolonaki, Greece. It was a project by K-studio and it was completed in 2011. The pizzeria features an impressive interior design, a beautiful combination between tradition and modernity. The décor tends to be minimalist but with obvious Scandinavian influences, especially when it comes to furniture.

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The main idea was to create an interior design that would recreate the experience of eating outside. In order to make that possible, the façade had to be adapted and the floor-to-ceiling windows also needed some adjustments. The restaurant is very inviting. It has sliding wooden window frames and Italian inspired graphics on the façade. The atmosphere inside is very pleasant and alluring.

Capanna Pizzeria Trattoria k studio

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The interior design of this restaurant is characterized by its French style narrow wooden shutters, the wooden furniture, the traditional wallpaper on the walls and the matching tiles on the floor. There’s a vintage touch in everything but the overall look is modern. Notice the Scandinavian-inspired tables and the selection of vintage industrial chairs, combined with the airy and minimalist décor.

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The furniture adds softness while some of the other elements and decorations create a nice balance. It’s the case of the suspended lamps for example or the mural created by artist Joanna Burtenshaw.{found on yatzer}