The Cantine flower vase collection by Véronique Maire

A vase is always a beautiful detail for the home. Even though you’re not a big flower lover you can still appreciate the beauty of a vase with afresh plant in it. There are a lot of different designs when it comes to vases. The Cantine collection is just one of the many series with simple and stylish designs.

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The Cantine vases were designed by Véronique Maire. The collection includes a series of vases modeled on generic stackable glasses. They also have ‘cork hats’. The vases have a very interesting look. They are simple and yet sophisticated and they look casual and yet elegant. Each vase has a name. However, the name is in fact a number. It’s a reminder of the childhood games kids used to play where someone asked “how old are you?” and the other had to respond. In this case, the response is written on the bottom of the vase.

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The vases from this collection feature different shapes and sizes. Even though the base is the same, the cork hats have all sorts of designs and shapes. The glass, combined with various cork hats results in an original and eye-catching decoration for the home. The idea is so simple and yet so original and unique. The Cantine vases make wonderful decorations and accessories for the home. Moreover, because of their nature and the materials used to create them along with the neutral color, they are versatile items that can be easily integrated in any type of décor.