The Bushakan eyewear stands by MWLRO

It might not seem like a big problem and it’s probably not but having one, two or more pairs of glasses and nowhere you keep them can be very frustrating sometimes. It’s one of those small things that doesn’t seem important enough to require your attention but that really annoys you when it occurs. It’s time to put an end to it.Architecture and design firm MWLRO decided it was time to do something about that and they designed a line of eyewear stands.

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It’s called Bushakan and it includes several versions. The stands are individually made from solid pieced of hardwood and they have sections carved out where your glasses can be placed. There are several models available and the difference between them is the number of compartments they have. Individual stands are also available. Their design is very simple.

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The stands have a compact look and they feature natural finishes. They were not designed to be fancy but to keep your glasses safe. Use them for your prescription or for your sunglasses and allow them to be kept in a space where they can be clean, where their lenses don’t get scratched, where they’re safe and where they’re also easy to find. The stands with 4 or more compartment resemble a modern tower and they impress with their simplicity and with the ease they manage to fix a problem that’s been bothering us for such a long time.