The Boxes decorative radiator

No matter how big our home is, at one point we’ll still need more space. We tend to fill our homes with things we perceive as necessary and they all take space. That’s why designers try to come up with items that can fulfill a double function. One example is the Boxes unit. It’s both a storage unit and a radiator.

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The Boxes unit is part of the HIT collection and it was designed for Deltacalor. It’s in fact a frame with a minimalist design and a slim and beautiful shape. It also serves as a frame for three boxes. The boxes are made of ultra-clear polymer-methacrylate. They can be used as glove compartments, tower rails and even storage compartments for decorations, accessories, maybe even books. Still, I would think twice before storing flammable items in there because the Boxes unit is also a radiator.

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Boxes is a hot water steel radiator that was beautifully camouflaged into a decorative and also functional piece of furniture for the home. The unit is minimalist and elegant. It has a simple and sleek shape and it’s also quite versatile. It would complement almost any décor. This eclectic radiator takes one of the most unusual and impressive forms. It’s a simple and functional solution for the home. It’s also grat for small homes because it takes space but it also offers something in exchange.