The Bouni beach bar design by K-Studio

This is Bouni. It’s a bar located on a beach in Costa Navarino. Bouni has a very interesting design as well as a funny name, at least for me because of personal reasons. The bar’s design is part shipwreck and part a sort of Robinson Crusoe beach shack. I imagine this is how Robinson Crusoe’s destroyed ship would look like if he would have tried to turn it into a home on the beach.

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The intriguing Bouni Bar sits quietly surrounded by driftwood and fine sand. The Bouni Bar was a project by K-Studio. It sits on the sandy beach of Costa Navarino in Greece. With the azure sea just a few meters away, the bar benefits from a great location and splendid and amazing views of the sea. The tourists or anyone who enjoys the sea would have a blast at this original and beautiful bar.

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Bouni sits on an elevated wood platform and the waves break underneath it. Imagine how cool is that, to be able to enjoy a cold drink in a hot summer day and to see the sea and the waves breaking down underneath your feet while you’re comfortably seating in your chair.

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The huge wood columns that form the structure of the bar are similar to those found on a ship. The rope, wood and suspended awnings further complete the image. Bar Bouni is one of the most beautiful and lovely combinations of natural and artificial elements.{Photography: Yiorgos Kordakis}