The Bookworm Bookcase, An Unconventional Alternative For Reading Nooks

Every once in a while, everyone likes to take some time to read a few pages from a good book or to simply read a magazine. The times when the library was an important part of any home are long gone. Nowadays we take a more practical and space-saving approach and we have replaced it with something as simple and cozy as a reading nook. But lately not even that satisfies our desire for modernity and uniqueness.

Bookworm by atelier 010

It’s this desire that has driven designers to create pieces such as the Bookworm. With a clever and catchy name, the Bookworm attracts us even before we actually get to see it. But this bookcase has another interesting surprise once you lay your eyes on it: a unique and original design. The Bookworm was the creation of Dutch designers from Atelier 010. They’ve come up with this creation as a response to the request for an organic bookcase.

Bookworm by atelier 0101

The Bookworm is not just any bookcase. In fact, it doesn’t even resemble one. It features an organic shape with curved lines and a very simple and yet very striking visual impact. The bookcase features storage shelves of different shapes and sizes inside the actual frame. It rests on a single sleek foot and, given its shape, the Bookworm also provides a place to sit and relax. It replaces the reading nooks and, in addition, it also becomes a very interesting focal point for the décor.

Bookworm by atelier 0102

Bookworm by atelier 0103

The bookcase features a self-supporting shape and it consists of three parts. It’s kept upright by a stainless steel foot and features thin layers of MDF and plywood that are bending across custom-made molds in order to create the final organic shape. The outsides of the bookcase are colorful and bold while the insides are white, this creating a dynamic but beautiful balance.