The Book Lamp Design from Groupa Studio

When you see the title you probably imagine something more elaborate, like a lamp shaped like a book or something like that. You might be disappointed when you actually see the book lamp. It’s a very simple lamp, without any details, not even a lampshade. It’s so simple that it looks unfinished.

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However, it’s called the book lamp for a reason. That it because it has that extension in the structure that allows you to place your book there so that you know the page you stopped at and also so that you don’t forget where the book is. When you think about it, it’s a very practical detail. However, the design could have been a little more ingenious and a little more attractive. A lampshade would really be advisable because the light might be a little too strong for the eyes, considering that you’ll be reading there for a while.

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This unusual lamp was designed by Groupa Studio. Because the design is so simple and elementary, the lamp is very versatile and it can make a great addition to a modern or contemporary home as well as for a more traditional one. Just pick a corner and turn it into a reading space. You already have the lamp, all you need is a comfortable chair and a good book to read.