The Bondi Rooftop Penthouse by Brian Meyerson Architects

I’m sure a lot of you know it’s like to desire to live in an area where there’s literary no additional space available for you to do that. So you usually give up that dream and try to find another one, more realistic this time. However, there is a way to achieve the impossible. It’s what the owners of the new Bondi Penthouse did.

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They really wanted to have a home in Bondi Beach, one of sydney’s iconic beaches, but there was no space available for them to do that so instead they decided to build their home on top of an already existing building. This rooftop penthouse is located on top of a 1920 building and it’s almost invisible from the street.The entire project was done by Brian Meyerson Architects.

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It’s a three bedroom and three and a half bathroom penthouse that also features a large deck terrace and an unexpected indoor/outdoor swimming pool. That’s not what you’d expect to see on top of a building. There was an existing alcove on the building and this provided the new owners with an entry point. They added a new spiral staircase creating a very different look than the existing one, a little more modern. In fact, there’s a very clear distinction between the already existing building and the new addition. It’s a clear delimitation between old and new that isn’t visible from the street.

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The penthouse features a long corridor that links the bedroom and the living areas. The kitchen and laundry are located to the south and the bedrooms are on the north side. There were some advantages for the owner in this case because he was also the developer and builder so he was able to work with people he knew and trusted and was able to design the perfect dream home.