The Blue Spa in Carlisle Bay, Antigua

What could be more pleasant and relaxing that going to a spa? I can only imagine how it would be like to actually visit this luxurious place, but maybe you’re luckier than I am. The Blue Spa is located in the incredibly beautiful Carlisle Bay. It’s situated within its own two-storey pavilion overlooking the Antiguan rainforest. It’s a very quiet and tranquil location, perfect for a spa.

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Meditation, relaxation and reflection come as natural in this area. The Spa occupies a surface of 17.000 sq ft and it has six treatment rooms. Five of them are single and the sixth is a luxurious couple’s massage room. The interior design was creates by , in collaboration with Gordon Campbell Gray. They used grey, blue and white tones to create a contemporary sophisticated décor. The furniture is minimalist and equally sophisticated and eye-catching.

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As a guest there, you’ll be able to enjoy treatments from Natura Bissé, a pioneering Spanish skincare brand that focuses on the latest technological advances, meant to relax every muscle in your body. There are specialists in specific treatments ready to help you with everything you need.

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The Spa specializes in offering professional skin care meant to counter the effects of ageing caused by exposure to long travel, using tropical Caribbean elements. You’ll also be able to enjoy the award-winning Diamond Ice Lift Facial that will improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin through shiatsu inspired massage techniques and a refreshing Ice Lift face mask. Treatment cost, $330, for 90 minutes of pure relaxation.