The Blanco Master Gourmet Faucet

When cooking is your passion you want to have the best in your kitchen, and we’re not talking only about the ingredients but also about the furniture and all the fixtures. A faucet might not seem like a big deal for the everyday person but it can really make a difference for a chef. Here’s one that any chef would be happy to have in his kitchen.

Blanco Master Gourmet Faucet

This is the Blanco Master Gourmet Faucet. It’s doesn’t seem so different than the everyday faucet we have in our homes. But that’s only because it has such a sleek and elegant design. The Blanco Master Gourmet Faucet has a modern design and it features a sleek tap and a lever on one side plus a commercial pull-down all metal pressure sprayer on the other. The body is made of solid brass and it comes in two options: either satin nickel or chrome finish.

It’s a very beautiful faucet. Not only that it looks great but it’s also very functional while offering more than the average items you find on the market. You can buy the Blanco Master Gourmet Faucet for $925. And if you’re short on space or you either don’t need all the elements, you can opt for the smaller version of the same item that comes without the tap.