The Black House by Andres Remy Arquitectos

The black house is located 30 km away from Buenos Aires. This dream house owned by a young couple and designed by Andres Remy Arquitectos ,the house has amazing view of lake. On close observation of the house, you will find some loopholes in the design but also has some great features.

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The major drawback in the design of the house is the view of the lake which is located at the back side of the house but the ideal position will be in front of the house. The common area of the house is divided into two parts. One part hosted kitchen and dining room while other part houses living room which is near lake.

The placement swimming pool is amazing. The sun rays fall on pool which reflects back to the every corner of the house. But there is no direct sunlight on house. This is done with the help of Glass Bridge mounted on pool

The size of the living room is 10m*5m and the level is lesser than rest part of the house to allow residents clear view of the lake.The bedrooms for future kids are located at the front of the first floor. You can view lake from these bedrooms.The inside walls of the black house are painted white while outside walls are totally black. That’s why it named so.