The Bike Shelf from Knife and Saw

I am sure that you have all watched “Seinfeld” , a very popular American sitcom, even if you are younger. Well, apart from the sparkling sense of humour and the power to make fun of everyday situations, this series always puzzled me because I could see Jerry’s bike always hanging on the wall in his living room. I can understand the lack of space, but this seemed like an extreme measure to me. Besides the sort of unaesthetic appearance, there were also a lot of bolts in the wall which just looked so ugly when you removed the bike from its place. But, fortunately, I have just found an interesting web site with an interesting item: The Bike Shelf from Knife and Saw. BS Lrg 08View in gallery

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This shelf is specially designed for bikes and it is made of solid walnut or solid ash. It looks great on your wall and you could never guess what it is used for without the bike attached to it. It is totally natural and nice looking and also gives a different air to your room. No screws or bolts and no ugly accessories. It is just a simple yet very nice looking shelf that is easy to apply on the wall and easy to use. You just take the bike and hang it from the wall. You can purchase the item here for $299.