The Benefits Of Using LED Lighting In Your Home

Almost anyone knows that using LED lighting is good but, when asked, they can’t really identify these benefits. Using LED lighting comes with several advantages and today we’re going to tell you exactly what these are.

Energy-efficient lighting.

Roof led lights

This is what most people will tell you when you ask what they know about LED lighting: it’s efficient and cheap. While it’s true that LED light bulbs cost a little more, they are extremely energy-efficient and thus you’ll make up for the initial cost. LED bulbs use 1/30th of the energy needed for incandescent bulbs.


Roof led lights

Another important characteristic of LED light bulbs is their size. They are tiny so they can fit in small spaces where incandescent light bulbs can’t. They measure from 3 to 8 mm and they can be used either independently or as part of an array. In addition, LEDs emit light in a specific direction as opposed to incandescent bulbs that waste energy in all directions.

LEDs last longer.

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Another important characteristic of LED lighting is that these bulbs last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours which is definitely more than incandescent light bulbs last – between 1,000 and 2,000 hours. Even CFLs can’t match their long life as they last between 8,000 and 10,000 hours. This is why you get to save money by using LEDs even if they’re a little more expensive to buy at first.

No heat.

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As you may have noticed, incandescent bulbs don’t emit just light but also heat. In fact, they give off 90% of their energy as heat which is a huge waste. Even compact fluorescent bulbs waste 80% of their energy as heat as well. LEDs, on the other hand, remain cool and this makes them that much more efficient.

White light.

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As you probably noticed, different types of light bulbs emit different type of light. for example, incandescent bulbs offer yellow light which is believed to be warmer while florescent lights emit blue or green shades of light and this makes the atmosphere cold. But LEDs produce white light which is perfect because this way everything you see will feature its true color.

Roof led lights

All these benefits are great but you have to also make sure you buy quality LEDs. If the bulb is poorly designed then it won’t be as long-lasting as a high-quality one and thus it won’t be as efficient as it could be. It’s why you need to buy Energy-Star qualified LEDs. They may cost more than others buy, as we’ve mentioned already, you’ll be able to save much more on the long run.

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