The benefits of having a nature-surrounded home

For most of us, the ideal home would be a spacious house somewhere in a quiet area, a house that would be surrounded by nature. There’s something unique about a house that sits in the middle of nature. The atmosphere is peaceful and very refreshing. Here are some pictures of such homes.

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Of course, if you plan on building a house in an area that allows panoramic views or simply in an area that has trees and vegetation nearby, there’s a certain element that definitely needs to be included in the design. That particular element refers to the windows. It’s no use to have such a beautiful home if the windows are small and don’t really allow you to admire the beautiful landscape. Large windows are a must-have in this case.

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Also, a great alternative would be to opt for floor-to-ceiling glass walls, if the structure of the house allows you to do that. You don’t even necessarily have to have a house. Glass walls have become a common addition to apartments as well, especially on top floors from where the views are even more impressive. I can even imagine how it would be like to sit on the sofa, maybe have a cup of coffee, and admire the trees, the leaves and the views from the cozyness of such a home. I’m not a big fan of houses. I prefer apartments, even though they are usually smaller. But if I would ever have to move in a house I would definitely choose one with big windows and glass walls.{found on 1.Verne, 2.Andrea Ferrari, 3.Alexander Gorlin Architects, 4.John Merkl, 5.Mclean Quinlan Architects, 6.Murphy Burnham and Buttrick Architects, 7.Simon Watson}