10 Velvet Sofas To Put In Your Living Room Immediately

You might have noticed but then again, maybe you haven’t. There has been a slow infiltration on our Pinterest feeds and our online shopping. The infiltration of the velvet sofa. At first, velvet sofas seemed the stuff of fancy untouched parlors and your grandma’s musty basement. Velvet showed up on furniture in either immaculate condition or worn out and worn down. But recently, the rise of velvet’s popularity has made velvet furniture more accessible for the everyman. Velvet sofas are popping into all kinds of styles, from farmhouse to minimal. Take a look at these 10 velvet sofas to put in your living room immediately.

Cool Blue Chesterfield sofa

Ahh, the chesterfield sofa. This sofa is a classic and desired among all sofas. While most of the time you find it in leather, you can’t deny that this lovely deep velvet would look just as stunning as leather in any library. (via Wayfair)

Round tufted sofa

Isn’t the rounded back of this sofa so elegant? This is a great design for the large living room that needs some definition because this sofa will look amazing from the front and the back. (via Anthropologie)

Straight teal sofa

Teal, tufted, simple, everything a family friendly velvet sofa should be. This model is another piece that will look amazing in a large living room because the low back makes it easy to see over, keeping the room feeling large. (via World Market)

Modern velvet sectional

Looking for something velvet yet modern? Try this modern velvet sectional. It’s completely made up of squares that will fit in perfectly with your minimal living room. (via Rove Concepts)

Pink basic velvet sofa

I want this sofa. It has such clean cut lines and a thick cushion which make it the most inviting sofa ever. Plus, it comes in lots of colors, though I’m digging this pink velvet. (via Anthropologie)

Blue mid-century sofa with coffee table

We can’t forget the mid century modern crowd. Here’s a great model that is completely mid century modern, from the tips of the legs to the round velvet pillows. It will match perfectly with your wood credenza. (via West Elm)

Velvet chesterfield sectional

Can’t get enough of the chesterfields? This sectional sofa is like having a double chesterfield in your living room. Just look at all that tufting! And you can find it in whatever color velvet you please. (via Anthropologie)

Modern tufted sofa

This sofa was basically love at first sight. It’s on the smaller side and it’s tufted while maintaining a simple look. This one is just right for bringing a pop of color and luxury to a simple home. (via West Elm)

Velvet sofa bed

Most of the time, you don’t really want a sofa with a secret. Except this sofa has a good secret. Not only is it a velvet sofa, it pulls out into a bed. That’s right, it’s a velvet sofa bed. You might even ditch your normal bed for this. (via Urban Outfitters)

Velvet sofa in blue with ottoman

Are you loving the velvet sofa look but wondering how one would fit in your tiny space? Don’t worry. There are velvet loveseats too! These mini sofas are perfect for your studio apartment or large bedroom. (via Article)