The Beauty of Brass and Nickel Plate Beds

Anyone would agree that the bedroom is probably the most important room of the house. During the day people usually go to work, meet with friends, have fun, so the program is not always the same and most of these activities happen outside the house. But at night we always come back home, go in the bedroom and have a good night sleep.

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That’s why it’s important to have the right bed in there. If you’re a more traditional person and like elegance and style, then you’ll probably fall in love with these beds. They are all handcrafted with unique details and in pure brass, with a polished nickel finish. This creates a modern look, contrasting but that looks very good in combination with the Victorian design.

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These beds will make anyone feel like a king or queen. This collection offers many beautiful designs, all different but equally elegant and stylish. Each one comes in four different sizes and they feature simple, elegant and fine lines, with exquisite details and a unique combination of traditional designs and modern but subtle touches. Of course, you’ll also need to be careful when choosing the rest of the furniture for the bedroom because you don’t want to create a bad contrast. A detailed and glamorous chandelier would look very beautiful above any of these beds. It’s important to keep everything simple, not to exaggerate with the decorations.

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Also, if you want to finish everything with style, there’s also a full range of traditional bedroom furniture available, sharing the same designs. Moreover, you can also check out the luxury bed linen collection that will complement you bed choice and would make the room complete. All these offers come from And So To Bed and you can visit their website for more information.Available from 1500 £.