The Beautifully Balanced Rieteiland House from Amsterdam

Transparent yet enclosed and private – this is how the Rieteiland House could be described when you first lay eyes on it. The residence is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and it was designed and built by Hans van Heeswijk Architects. It sits on a plot of land that is incorporated into a newly established island on the outskirts of the city. The plot offers panoramic views over the surrounding area and landscape.

Rieteiland house by hans van1

It’s this location and the views that encouraged the client to ask for such a bold design. With such views and orientation, it would have been a shame to let it all go unnoticed. It’s why the house was oriented towards the panoramic views and why its design was created around this feature. The overall design of the residence is contemporary, simple and transparent.

Rieteiland house by hans van

Rieteiland house by hans van2

Rieteiland house by hans van3

Rieteiland house by hans van4

Rieteiland house by hans van5

The house has a very simple structure. It’s a box-like building and its façade is entirely built with aluminum panels and expansive windows and glass walls. They allow unobstructed views of the park and the surrounding landscape. Some of the aluminum panels can be opened to make way to the window which are placed directly behind them. In addition, the façade on the waterside is entirely made of glass sheets. It has sliding doors that offer quick and simple access to the exterior and thus creates a connection to the exterior.

Rieteiland house by hans van6

Rieteiland house by hans van7

Rieteiland house by hans van8

The residence has three levels and a basement. In general, the rooms are open and have double-height ceilings. All three floors have in common a tall service block which contains the bathrooms, the storage spaces and the installation shafts. Given the fact that the house is unique and has a design that’s difficult to compare with anything else, it’s not a surprise that some of the features used for the interior design were custom made as well. They include some of the furniture and, of course, the accent details.