The beautiful wooden interior of Tianxi Oriental Club

The Tianxi Oriental Club is located in Huizhou, in the center of Guangdong province, was designed, developed and implemented by Deve Build Design and it features a modern interior that pays homage to one of the most common and versatile materials: wood. It’s a very interesting choice. the timeless but also rustic wooden interiors have in this case a modern look.

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This contemporary twist makes the club stand out in a very elegant and stylish manner. Its wooden interior is exquisite and the material’s natural qualities also allow it to be particularly warm and inviting. The atmosphere inside is very pleasant. It’s a unique location that attracts guests and visitors that always leave impressed and wishing to come back soon. Despite the earthy touch, the interior is surprisingly modern-looking.

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The wood gives it identity and allows it to stand out and to keep up with the times without innovating too much. The uniqueness of the design doesn’t lie in the materials that were used but in the way they were used and in the finesse of the details and of the whole project. The color palette is also homogenous and includes warm, earthy tones. The furniture was chosen to offer privacy and to continue on the same subtle and elegant line. This makes the club an intimate location, unlike typical public domains.