The Bear House – a cozy retreat with a contemporary décor

The name of this house might seem strange at first but it all makes sense once you understand what it’s all about. The house can be found on Cha-Am beach in Thailand. It covers an area of 380 square meters and it was designed and built by Onion architects. Completed in 2012, the house has a contemporary design.

Bear house1

The Bear House is 3 hours drive from Bangkok and it’s situated on Cha-Am Beach, a famous resort town. The architects in charge of the project were asked to renovate it. It was a 3-story building, 8 meters wide and 28 meters long. It had quite an unusual layout and shape. The clients wanted this to become their second home. The clients are collectors of Be@rbrick toys. Be@rbrick refers to an anthropomorphized bear.

Bear house7

Bear house2

The bear has a very simple form and the toys the owners of this house collect are made of plastic. Each figure has 9 parts and features flexible joints and a swiveled head. The bears are very important for the owners and they wanted this fact to be reflected in the design of their new home. It’s why they named it the “Bear House”. It has a Be@rbrick display cabinet that occupies a whole wall in the dining room. This cabinet is a central piece in the house’s design.

Bear house3

Bear house4

Bear house5

Bear house6

Bear house8

Inside the house you can find an interesting combination of oversized furniture and miniature features. The lamps and pillows are oversized, a detail meant to make the inhabitants feel smaller. The house also has 4 sizes of doorknobs that match the different sizes of the doors. It’s a very interesting design.[found on archdaily and pics by Wison Tungthunya}.