The Arabesk fabric armchair by Folke Jansson

The Arabesk armchair is a simple and elegant piece of furniture with a modern look. However, despite its modern appearance. the Arabesk armchair was designed back in 1955. It’s still considered a very beautiful anf fashionable item, great for both modern and traditional homes.The Arabesk armchair was designed by Folke Jansson. It’s not a typical armchair and that’s for many reasons. First of all, this one only has three legs. Moreover, it a very simple design, a characteristic mostly seen in contemporary designs.

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The Arabesk chair features a strong and durable metal frame. It’s then covered with expanded foam, which makes it particularly comfortable. The fabric cover is not removable.The current design of the armchair is not exactly the same as the original one. It suffered some transformations. For example, the original structure of the chair features a wooden framework which was carved by hand. It was filled with foam rubber panels and covered with fabric.

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This design was then replaced with one that’s more simple and easy to assemble. The same chair also features a version with two seats. All models come in several different colors. The Arabesk armchair is also a versatile piece of furntiure that can be easily integrated in the living room, office, reading corner or anywhere else. It has a minimalist and stylish design and it comes in several different colors which makes it particularly versatile.