The Andel’s Hotel Lods in Poland

This expansive and very attractive building is called Andel’s Hotel Lodz and it’s located in Lodz, Poland. The pictures are more than enough in this case. They really manage to show the incredibly beautiful interior of this hotel. However, what they can’t do is capture the atmosphere in there and that’s what words are useful for.

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The hotel is very contrastive in terms of interior and exterior designs. From outside, it seems like a beautiful historic building and you would expect to see a rustic and even antique décor when you step inside.

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Instead, the hotel is surprisingly modern and simple. It’s a grandiose place with huge hallways and with very inviting rooms. Notice the visual contrast between the contemporary furniture and some of the ceilings that have exposed beams and an overall rustic look.

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I particularly enjoy the simplicity of this hotel’s interior décor. There’s also a very distinctive atmosphere in there. It’s casual but also very elegant and stylish. Also, everywhere you look there’s a visible contrast between contemporary and historic elements.

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Obviously, the building has been renovated and brought up to date but some of the original elements have been preserved and they really bring a unique flavor to the hotel. Sometimes it’s good to keep something from the past, as a reminder of the old days and in this case a reminder of the building’s history.